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Oh my God!

Paper skelleton folded of The Bible, The Coran and Tanakh. 1/1 Human size (190 cm long) 2009.


As a social identity anchored in a system of guiding beliefs and symbols, religion serves a uniquely powerful function in shaping psychological and social processes. Religious identificaton offers a distinctive "sacred" worldview and "eternal" group membership, unmatched by identfication with other social groups.

The belief in God has persistently led to war throughout the whole history of humanity. From the earliest of times up to the very present, mankind has experienced countless armed conflicts that took place in the name of God. There have been more than a million wars over the last 100,000 years and practically all of them were directly or indirectly the result of religion.


Judaism, Christianity and Islam are the three major monotheistic religions,  Monotheism literally means "the belief in only one God"


The papersculpture Oh My God! is not a statement against religion, but is meant as a reminder of all the victims who ended their lives as a result of the religious armed conflicts. Some see it as religion "to the bone".

Oh My God! have been exhibited @ GAD 2010, MMOMA (Moscow Museum of Modern Art) 2010, The Philosophy Festival in Kragerø, 2013. The Museum in North Trøndelag 2012.

Oh My God!

Paper Skeleton 1/1 human size. Folded of The Bible, The Coran and Talmud, 2009/2010

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Nr 4. Detail Oh My God!
Nr 6. Detail Oh My God!
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