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Exhibition  @UKS (Young Artist Society) 2009. Collaboration with Tone Leksbø.

Ole Troldmyr (1888-1967) and Ulf Hallén (1927-2007) were two traders from Oslo. Troldmyr sold condoms, Hallén sold women’s wear.
These two men are bound together here because both left protected listed buildings that have since been allowed to perish. The project is based upon Voksenkollveien 5 - Villa Troldmyr, and Thorvald Meyersgate 59 - Hallén-gården in Oslo.


In a capital city local history often recieves less attention than the national. People feel less affiliation to the community than they would otherwise have in a smaller city. This project deals with local character’s histories and is an invitation to the city's population to become familiar and engage with a portion of Oslo’s own history in a slightly different manner. The project consisted of drawings, two videos,

artinstallations, photography, and an installation of the original Manequins from Hallén-gården (30s-50s)


From the Exhibition at UKS

The Original Manequins from Hallén-gården.

Installation view UKS
Installation view
Still photo from video
Installation view UKS
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